Sustainable Strategic Planning & Visioning: doing good by doing well.

Sustainable Strategic Planning is a model that addresses both the organization’s overarching focus and the operationalizing of its programs to meet the broader goals. In essence, it is a Strategic Plan plus a modified Business Plan. Furthermore, the plan incorporates a commitment to the regeneration of the organization as part of its operations.

Sustainable Strategic Planning

  • Is aligned with your culture and values—who you really are as an organization and the foundational aspects that inform your structure and focus.

  • Is aligned with your capacity to execute—the organization’s human, financial, intellectual and physical capital.

  • Is aligned with your community’s true interests and needs—how valuable the organization is to the field and its constituents, not how important it is.

Typically three years in scope, the Sustainable Strategic Plan is constructed to function on an ongoing basis—just as our nonprofits function. Rather than framing separate 3-year windows of time, the plan focuses on current year + second year + third year. This allows the organization to have an updated plan at all times, to incorporate long-term goals, and to easily modify its focus when new opportunities arise.

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