Supported Self-Planning

A Hybrid planning process

Supported Self-Planning is for the nonprofit organization that is undertaking the strategic planning process on their own and wants guidance from the sidelines. Online or onsite and tailored to your organization, Anne offers

  • 5 hours of one-on-one time.

  • Information, tools and feedback throughout the planning process, from preparation to the written plan.

  • A method to organize your programs within a larger framework that more accurately conveys the impact of your work.

  • A means to incorporate a commitment to the organization’s self-preservation and growth.

  • A template for a 3-year ongoing plan that allows for both short-term execution and long-term visioning, as well as room for unanticipated opportunities that may pop up in the future.

In addition, you decide who is involved in the planning process and how you want to use the tools.

The Sustainable Strategic Planning process is a functional, real-world planning method Anne developed during her career in the nonprofit sector. Incorporating elements from numerous planning sessions over the years (and often in tandem with board, staff and/or outside consultants), she revised the process to more accurately reflect the reality of working in a nonprofit.

Sustainable Strategic Planning is aligned with the organization’s culture and its capacity to execute—the true nature of the organization, what it values and the scope of its work. Furthermore, it is a hybrid planning model that melds the overarching organizational direction (strategic planning) with the organization’s ongoing operations (business planning). As a bonus, it also gives you your marketing tag lines. Because we don’t have the time or energy to do it all separately.

A paradox within the nonprofit sector is that our very existence depends upon having a strong connection with a broad constituency. Yet, at the same time, this commitment to breadth can just as easily weaken us. Our sector is not for the faint of heart; we’re in it because we believe in the work. I offer this program to help you do yours.

Cost of the program: $875. May be paid in full at the start of project or in 3 increments prior to meetings 1, 3 & 4. Additional hours may be booked at $125/hour.

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