Moving Forward, Collectively

The primary challenge for Nonprofit Organizations
is that multiple truths exist simultaneously.

We know how it feels to make a difference at the social level.  It’s why we do the work.  But it’s that same broad, social spectrum that offers our greatest challenges:

  •  Our programs need to be affordable and accessible, yet funding often doesn’t cover indirect costs. 

  • We thrive with strong, engaged boards, yet board leadership roles are intended to be term limited. In addition, the generous people who give of their time typically work in other fields and require a year or two to understand the workings of the organization.

  • Similarly, we’re also a great entry point into the work world for younger people with energy and ideas, yet they are expected to handle a large number of responsibilities without fully understanding the nuances of the work.

  • We want broad buy-in (clients, members, board members, foundations, sponsors, donors, founders, civic leaders, community volunteers, the media, and the general public), yet often don’t have the internal capability to accommodate all equally.

 Navigating these challenges requires
strong organizational integrity and an entrepreneurial outlook.

Strong Organizational Integrity means being clear and intentional in what you do and how you do it.

You know your work.
You know your strengths and weaknesses (without apology).
You know the community you serve.

An Entrepreneurial Outlook means approaching your work as a social impact, nonprofit business. 

You know your assets and your value.
Every person you meet is a customer.
Your focus is on leveraging your assets (whether philanthropic- or fee-based) and make room for opportunities.

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