Sustainable Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations


The path forward is not straight. 

Nonprofit work is essential and effective. It is not simple or straightforward. With numerous stakeholders, a considerable number of regulations and complex cultural norms, nonprofits operate within a unique and often challenging framework. 

Successful Nonprofits navigate this path by being clear in their capacity, intentional in their work, and entrepreneurial in their outlook.  Sustainable Strategic Planning will help you achieve this operational model.

Oftentimes a nonprofit will undertake planning on its own. Ranging from budget restrictions to a short planning window to confidentiality issues, there are times when an organization needs to update or create a plan yet it is not feasible, or desirable, to bring in an outside consultant. The Supported Self-Planning Guide is designed for these organizations. Individually tailored to each organization, Anne offers a series of one-on-one meetings (online or on site), tools, templates and guidance from the sidelines over 4-6 weeks as the staff and/or board undergo the process.



Anne Willson works with nonprofits to strengthen the core structures of the organizations and increase their social impact. With a grounded, real-world perspective gained through nearly thirty years in the nonprofit sector, she assists organizations in addressing several fundamental issues necessary for compelling community engagement: sustainable strategic planning built from foundational pillars, solidifying organizational integrity, and identifying and leveraging organizational assets to broaden engagement and increase both philanthropic and earned revenue streams. Anne holds two B.A.’s, an M.A. in Liberal Arts and a Duke University Certificate in Nonprofit Management (NPM). She leads Sustainable Strategic Planning workshops for the Duke NPM Certificate and lives in Raleigh, NC.

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