Entrepreneurial Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations


The path forward is not straight. 

Nonprofit work is essential and effective. It is not simple or straightforward. With numerous stakeholders, a considerable number of regulations and complex cultural norms, nonprofits operate within a unique and often challenging framework. 

Successful Nonprofits navigate this path by being clear in their capacity, intentional in their work, and entrepreneurial in their outlook.  Sustainable Strategic Planning will help you achieve this operational model.

Businesses can meet their corporate social responsibility goals by outsourcing to nonprofits embedded in the desired impact field. Shifting from a one-off sponsorship mindset to long-term, intentional partnerships sets up win-win scenarios for both parties and exponentially increases the impact to the social field. Again, clear goals and an entrepreneurial outlook are fundamental to success.



Anne Willson works with nonprofit organizations and businesses that partner with nonprofits to strengthen their social impact.  With a grounded, real-world perspective gained through twenty-seven years in the nonprofit sector as well as in small business and with a public university, Anne addresses core issues relevant to compelling community engagement: strategic planning focused on impact, organizational integrity, identifying and leveraging social assets, and convening multiple constituents and interests to work within a collaborative framework.  In addition, she works with nonprofit organizations on identifying and leveraging assets for earned income streams.  Anne lives in Cary, NC.

Anne's artwork may be found at annewillsonart.com.